SharePoint 2010 – Table of Contents Web Part – sites missing?

“20 sites limit by default”

Today I got a fun email about sites missing or disappearing from Table of Contents Web Parts on some Collaboration sites.

Well I went in and took a look/ count of the sites.  I have noticed that the web part was not displaying all the sites. From my research online, I have understood about the 50 item limit that SharePoint imposes. There are many posts explaining that issue such as this post

My case was different because the Table of Contents was showing only 20 sites.  Then I remembered that 20 is the default number of links visible on the Global and Quick Launch navigation settings.

Here is how to make that change.

Go to your site you have the Table of Contents Web Part on >Navigate to Site Settings > Navigation


Change the value from 20 to [whatever number you need] in the “Current Navigation” section

After changing this, the site map started to show all the sites (in my case about 42)

Surprise, a fun gotcha and dependency most don’t know exist.


Keep Moving Forward, Scott


4 Replies to “SharePoint 2010 – Table of Contents Web Part – sites missing?”

  1. Thanks! I did happen to figure this out on my own just like you did a while back, however, now that I have 75 sites, the page loads pretty slowly. That must of been why there was a limit of 20 so it would load faster. So now my issue is, i want to limit the view to 20 but have a ‘next page’ link or icon so i can click to see more site on the next page. Seems we can’t do this with a TOC. Any ideas?

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