Home Office fun

Well Alisha and I are starting to pack up for the big move.  So due to that fun I have been fully banished to the garage.  So here is my temporary home for the next 2 months.

Before you look below or read below a disclaimer.  I AM A NERD.


From left to right:

  • Dell Latitude Laptop
  • 2 Samsung BX2440 monitors
  • 64 oz. ampm cup filled with Monster or Redbull “one a day”
  • Sony Playstation 2 (on stand under Samsung Monitors)
  • XBOX 360 Elite (on stand under Samsung Monitors)
  • Dell Latitude E6400 (in docking stations under Samsung Monitors)
  • Dell XPS16, under desk
  • OOMA voip phone running my US Google Voice phone numbers (on desk)
  • Can of Pepsi, always have one handy.
  • Magnovox 32” HD monitor
  • OOMA voip phone running my Google Voice phone numbers from overseas (on shelf above monitor)
  • Vizio 42” TV using the HDMI inputs
  • Dell Latitude E6410 media server (in cabinet under Vizio)

I have taken down the wall of monitors I use for Network Support and SharePoint Farm builds, so going small….haha..otherwise add 8 more Dell 19” monitors, hooked to a DisplayUV system, and a Dell Server running virtual machines.

Lets see if I go crazy in my cave.


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