Day 2 SharePoint 2013 Ignite Training..hints of whats to come.


So I am at the back of the bus today, trying to dive into all the SharePoint 2013 r2 goodness.

Topics today, SharePoint Services Applications and Enterprise Search.

So want the inside info:

Service Applications

Well here was the list of Service Applications we discussed:SharePoint 2013 Enterprise Service Applications

General architecture identical as in SharePoint 2010

  • Numerous new enhancements in platform level
  • New service applications to provide more enhanced functionalities

Office Web Apps is no longer a service application

  • Separated to own product

Web Analytics is no longer service application

  • Analyses and reporting process incorporated to search service application


Search is new and different from all previous versions of SharePoint

The platform has been consolidated

Teaser alert>>>>

SharePoint 2013 Enterprise Search

Built on a combination of FAST Search and SharePoint Search components, as well as new development work – it is the same from Foundation to Server…yes FAST is DEAD, well at least assimilated.

Foundation Search is intended to replace WSS Search, Microsoft Search Server and Search Server Express from previous versions of SharePoint

There are new components, new topology, new features

Search Results Hover panel

Search Results surfacing, by SharePoint tracking your search and usage and giving you better results next time.


OK, so generally there is a lot of new configurations for Service Applications and dependencies.  Search is going to be well complex and powerful.


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