Blogging and Video Casting from the K2 2014 User Conference

So I will be attending the K2 User Conference – 2014 in Las Vegas coming up March 1-2, 2014.

K2 2014 User Conference
K2 2014 User Conference

I will be attending as Press for this event, and will be getting some great face time with some of the speakers, vendors, and attendees….(yes I will be hitting up the folks wandering around for their prospective).

Key Speakers that be at the event:
Josh Swihart, SVP Marketing, K2
Baratunde Thurston, Comedian, author, entrepreneur
Adriaan van Wyk, CEO and co-founder, K2
Dave Wilner, VP Americas, K2
Spence Darrington, Global SMSC Operations Director, Microsoft

Also catch some of my videos from the event on my YouTube channel:

I will also be giving an insider view of the K2 After Hours Party. The theme of the event is: Ain’t No Party Like A K2 Party

Ain’t No Party Like A K2 Party
Vanity Night Club

I will also be attending the weekend events at the Microsoft SharePoint Conference (spc14) in Vegas.


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