My Services

Information Architecture

Every organization struggles with content, what to do with it, how to make it valueable, and how to collaborate. I’ve got you covered. I work to help you get the best value out of your data from metadata management, thru taxonomies, to visualization and systems design.

Information and Systems Governace

Ensuring your systems and the data stored in them is safe and compliant is a passion of mine.  Let me work with your teams to find the best way to structure your data to match your compliance and risk needs.  I specialize in SharePoint, Office 365, and Salesforce systems.

Branding and Brand Bootcamps

One of the biggest struggles is getting your brand right for your organization, after that keeping it on course and applied to your whole business is the next big challenge.  Let me help you thru creating a Brand Bootcamp, and develope strategies to keep your brand inline with your changing business.

Design and Creation

One of my loves is leveraging my Maker roots, being able to help you take a sketch or idea and make it a real product.  Ask me how I partner with top small business manufacturing resources right here in Montana to help you get your product to market globally.

Content Strategy and Language Localization

Need help putting together content for your website? Do you need it in 150 + languages? Let me help you thru the process of creating your content and getting it in the languages you need. I partner with the top translators and firms to ensure your projects are never late, over budget, and translation is always right the first time.

Marketing & Sales Coaching

Every business needs to translate cold leads into real paying customers. I can mentor you thru putting together marketing campaigns that work and teach your team to get new customers, and attract leads that will translate to sales.

Entrepreneurial Coaching

So often I find that many start-ups or entrepreneurs just need a little support or partnership.  I am excited to hear what you are working on, and see where my experience and talents can help the success of your dreams.