Portland SharePoint User Group – March 2013 Event (Project Management and SharePoint)

Portland SharePoint User Group Meeting announcement -Wednesday, March 20, 2013 from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM (PDT), in Portland Oregon.

Our March event will be focusing on  Project Management and SharePoint. We know that many of you have tried to do SharePoint and Agile with or without success. This event we will giving you a great SUCCESS story.


First Talk

Speaker: Josh Moriarty, PMP – Business Analyst, Port of Portland

Title:  SharePoint for ‘Proven’ Project Management

Description: Communication, collaboration, blah, blah, blah…how about accountability, visibility, scalability, and team performance.  It seems like SharePoint project management classes and books tell you about the tool, how it can improve communication and collaboration, but never much detail on how to apply it.

Want to know how to leverage MS Project, SharePoint, Outlook, and Excel together, not redundantly, as a tool set? 
Want to keep your finger on the pulse of the project 24/7, stay out of the way of your high performers, and identify who needs help?
Want to successfully manage a distributed project team? 
Want a templatized tool set and repeatable process that team after team can adopt? 
I’ve successfully delivered millions in projects, with teams ranging in size from 5 to 75, comprised of contractors, consultants, internal staff, and virtual members.  I’ll share my tools, processes, and lessons learned after years of continually testing and improving my PMIS suite with each new project team…teams typically with no prior SharePoint experience.
While I have a toolset and process that’s proven, there’s still room for improvement.  I’ll discuss where I see SharePoint 2010 taking it to the next level.

Second Session – Let’s build something in SharePoint

Speaker: Scott Ellis – Solutions Architect and President of the PSPUG

Title: Building SharePoint Project Template Sites

Description: So following Josh, I will be pulling out an SharePoint Project Site Template and giving you a tour of how it was built. We will talk about it’s used, how it helped the process, and in the end….you get to take it home as a template along with some tools. That’s right “Freebees”.


  • What: Portland Monthly SPUG Meeting
  • When: Wednesday March 20th, 2013 11:30am – 1:00(1:30?)pm
  • Where: Microsoft Portland Office 1414 NW Northrup St. Suite 900 Portland, OR 97209

Parking: Unfortunately we continue to be unable to provide parking validation.

Food and Beverages: Lunch will be provided by AvePoint – and as in previous months we need to get a headcount of how many folks will attend and want lunches.

Recording this Session: So we have tried a few times in the past to record the session, so once again this will have a camera handy.

Please forward to anyone who may be interested in the Portland SharePoint User Group or this month’s topic.

DONATIONS: We are now taking donations to help support the group and keep growing our offerings.  You can do this as part of getting your tickets, if you need Tax Donation slips please let me know at the meeting, and we will have them handy. As always meetings are FREE to attend and open to anyone interested in SharePoint.  We do ask if you want to donate to the User Group we are a non-profit so it is tax deductible.

Opt Out Options: Registered attendees may be contacted by the sponsors of the event, if you wish to be opted out of any future lists please contactus@portlandspug.org and let us know.  We respect your privacy.

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Why the Sequester will impact Consultants

So the question came up today “Will the Sequester effect Consulting?”, the simple answer is “YES”.

Let me set the stage for the question, I had a call with a long time buddy last night.  He rang me out of the blue,

Scott, hey you know that big 2 year project my whole team is on, well they decided to cancel it due to the sequester, and redirect the funding to another department.

Elizabeth takes a Stand on the Sequester

This is not the first call I have had in the past 2 weeks, nor email asking me for a job lead after their project/contract got killed or put on hold. 

Sequestration and YOU

If you are a Consultant in nearly any industry you understand that “the Sequester” is just another great title for ‘Budget Cuts”.  In many companies since 09 we have seen efficiencies, outsourcing, and cost cut measures to attempt to rescue companies that have….well dug them selves in.  As a consultant and being a contractor you are the first “Cuts” that happen. 

How I like to look at it is, rainy day.  Yep the old adage of plan for a rainy day….well folks depending on what sector you work in….look out side….”It’s Raining!”

Fall Back Options

So I am a big fan of making sure my team, and me in extension always have a fall back project.  It might not be a well paying, or glamorous, or even something we want to do; but it pays the bills.  This is the goal for me….keep my people working, and keep my people seeing the path forward.

Capital Projects

are another option, yes is internal Capital projects, is this a time to reinvest in the organization….YES, take this time to build new models, POC’s, do brand work, or go take some training classes and certifications.

Sequester cuts in your wallet


you team is another option.  See if folks want to roll over to other departments, or teams.  Yes this might include the options to travel, relocate, or even change career paths.  All solid considerations.


have become a popular term in the past month again.  Taking some time off, to recharge, learn something new, travel….sounds nice right.  Well is your organization supports that or offers it, take it and take this month to reinvent yourself.

Downsize your team

this is my most un-favorite option.  It has taken years to build the A-Team, and it is very challenging to say goodbye to all that operational work, and effort.  Needless to say the friendships that have blossomed from this team.  We like to see our team as a family, and brotherhood, so breaking up that is hopefully a temporary solution.

Getting the Axe from the Sequester


So mater what industry you work in events like the Sequester are going to happen, this is nothing new, and generally this is part of the ebb and flow of consulting and contracting.  Don’t take it personal, as this is just another example of economic strife we have all been adapting too since 09. If you can take advantage of the time…do it….if you can extend you learning….do it…..don’t take a negative outlook on this (even though that is easy to do)….KEEP MOVING FORWARD.